Reflection Post

My interview with Antoine went as well as expected. I met Antoine previously and I knew he was very comfortable speaking in front of a camera and I knew he would carry on a great conversation. My research on Antoine prior to the interview prepared me to ask specific questions about his history in media and the in community. Antoine added various antidotes to the conversation and really opened up to me about his job, life and his goals. Antoine answered all my questions thoroughly and added a lot to the conversation, I plan on asking Laura more about her oversight of PhillyCam because Antoine has a slightly smaller role.

Otherwise, Antoine gave me great insight and knowledge into PhillyCam. If I were to do something differently I would have set up the camera in a different room, I also would have not conducted the interview with the interviewee on a rolling chair. I first set up the camera in a spot where Antoine was positioned in the right spot but, by the time the interview began Antoine had moved and changed the frame.

**** Laura was unable to meet, I will be interviewing here this coming week (Nov6-Nov10)



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