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For the interview today I will be talking with the director of Education and Production at PhillyCam, Laura Deutch and the Membership and outreach Director, Antoine Haywood.  I will be meeting with them today, November 2 at 3 pm, at their facility on  Ranstead Street in Philadelphia. I am interesting in interview Laura specifically because she is a Philadelphia based artist and educator who is known for using media as a tool for social justice and community building. She previously directed the Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative and holds an MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. I am also interested in interviewing Antoine because Antoine began working in the community media field as a part-time instructor for the Atlanta mayor’s office of community technology and was hired as People TV’s director of community development in Atlanta in 2005.

I plan to use two important points that Terkel made in his “Interviewing an interviewer”. The points or techniques were making sure you’re not interrogating, make sure the interviewer doesn’t feel like they are being question, keep it conversational. The second important technique I plan to use in my interview today is to end the interview by asking if there is anything else the interviewee would like to say or add. Terkel says that there might be something they hope to talk about and it is important to allow them to do so.

Technique 1:  “The questioning important – but whats the most important is that it shouldn’t sound like questioning.” (Terkel)

Technique 2:  “But they might be saying theres something they’d like to talk about, something they hope you’re going to ask about, so ask them if there is.” (Terkel)

Studs, Terkel, with Tony Parker

Chapter 9

Interviewing an interviewer

The main topics I hope to cover in this interview:

Laura’s story as a communicator, her work with social justice issues, her work and education before PhillyCam, what brought her to PhillyCam and PhillyCam’s involvement with the community and social justice issues.

Antoine’s work in the Atlanta community, the difference in his time at Atlanta’s public access television center from that of his time at PhillyCam and his background in the media field in general.

Wish me Luck!!!!


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