Post 3 – Hair

A student in campion’s hair fell way below his shoulders in messy uncut layers. The length of his hair had to be developed over some time and I would assume he has not had a sizable hair cut in years. Unbrushed and stretching down to his mid back with a dark brown color. His uncut layers were natural and unlike most boys hair very thick from the start of his hairline to his ends. His friend seemed to have the same hairstyle as well, a middle part to separate each side and keep it out of his face. The mid part looked natural as if his hair was accustomed to parting in this way and not specifically combed in this fashion .At the front of his face the strands of hair were shorter so that it did not get in the way of his vision. The brown tone of his hair was complemented with some lighter highlighted pieces throughout, mostly at the front and ends of his hair. These lighter pieces were a very light brown and also appeared natural, without close observation the hair appears to be all one color. His beard is met with his hair line and his sideburns were mostly covered by the length and thickness of his hair. The color of his beard matches that of the darker pieces of his hair. His hair is longer than most of the girls in the dining hall and he tends to flick his hair out of his face with a swift move of his head, instead of moving it with his hand. At one point he does move some of his hair by tucking it behind his ear, but soon after the hair falls back into its original place. I do not see a hair tie on his wrist and I would guess he wears it down for the most part of his day. At the back of his head, in the center specifically, strands appeared to be tangled and intertwined more so that other areas. This may be due to his hair being against his pillow the night before. Other than this particular area his hair appears soft and flows nicely down his back despite it appearing unbrushed or fixed.


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