Post 2 – Distinct Scenes

The Pod in campion is filled with students killing time before their class or snacking on Einstein’s bagels various food and drink options. The workers yell out orders multiple times before students slowly make their way up to the order area. Most of those who are eating in the Pod are on their phone or computer, most likely checking in with their friends or finishing up assignment that are due for their next class. The volume of the pod is usually low, groups of 2 or 3 chat at their tables but mostly people are in their own space. The pod is unlike campion or the library in terms of socializing, the pod is really a quick place to grab food or finish up an assignment before class. The line itself at Einstein bagels is always fluctuating, usually four or so people in line at all times because the workers keep it moving smoothly and quickly. The workers themselves are always chatting as they toast bagels and mix coffee concoctions asked for by students. The food itself is hit or miss, I always hear a bacon egg and cheese order when I do sit down in the Pod so I assume thats a popular option. The Pod is the spot to grab an iced or hot coffee ┬ábefore early classes due to its location directly in the center of Merion. There are numerous cushioned seats and a few high rise tables which are always filled before classes. Every hour or so the crowd lessens as students make their way to their class rooms.

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