Laura Deutsch Interview

The interview with Laura was on a short time table so I knew thing would be a little rushed. As I sat down with Laura I was surprised to see how nervous and jittery she seemed. I realize she is used to working behind the scenes and not really being the subject of PhillyCam’s productions. I was very interested to hear about Laura’s thoughts on media consolidation. She explained it to me in a way that made it very apparent how taxing this issue is and will be in the future of media. In terms of the video itself I am unable to use the footage, the film is un unusable due to it being too blurry,. However, I still walked away from the interview with great content, most of which I will use in my Alphabetic text.   A few questions I would like to ask Laura are about what PhillyCams plans to do to fight against media consolidation and how they plan to use the outlet they have.

Looking back on the interview I wish I could have had a longer window of time with Laura, she is very busy and therefore it was hard to schedule a interview. I also wish I would have figure out why the camera was blurry at the beginning of the interview, at the time I couldn’t fix it I just had to utilize the time I had with Laura. In terms of successes, I am very happy with the content I received from Laura, some great notes and background on herself, the community, and PhillyCam’s social justice initiatives.


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